“There’s a power in words …”

“… if I can find the right one, if I can just know you …”
(see the video clip, below)

That’s how this scene from Doctor Who begins, from one of my favorite episodes, The Shakespeare Code. You don’t have to be a Doctor Who fan to get the Aha! moment I just had that reminded me of how The Doctor vanquishes an evil foe’s power simply by naming her. “There’s a power in words …” he says.

I’ve recently been dealing with some scary health issues for which I’ve been struggling to receive a diagnosis. Not knowing what’s “wrong” has been excruciating. The anxiety alone magnifies any symptoms. It’s a vicious cycle, a downward spiral so severe that even my most upbeat, heal-thyself methods have not been working.

Finally, though, I have a pretty good idea of what’s going on inside. Thank goodness it’s nothing fatal, but it is challenging. This knowledge alone has vanquished the anxiety’s power to curl me up into the fetal position. Naming the “illness” gives me power. Now I know what I’m dealing with.

There’s a power in words.

I’m reminded, more importantly, of the work of a man I’m grateful to call a friend, Paul Levy, who writes and teaches about a “mind-virus” called wetiko. Essentially, wetiko is all-the-bad-things, which are running on a loop below the surface of consciousness, mucking everything up. The only way to dissolve wetiko’s power is to see it, to name it. This is why those “Aha!” moments are so healing.

Paul does a much better job explaining it than I do, so check out his newest book. The reason I bring up wetiko here is that this is how I feel about naming my symptoms with a diagnosis.

I see you. I name you. You have no power over me.

(For my fellow Whovains, here’s another fine example of wetiko as dramatized by Steven Moffat … The Silence.)

Lisa Bonnice is an award-winning, best-selling author whose “day job” is as a Program Host at The Shift Network, where she hosts summits on ancestral healing, life after death, and intuition and medicine.

Her most recent book is a metaphysical comedy novel entitled The Poppet Master (previously published as Be Careful What You Witch For!, now revamped and with a new ending). The Poppet Master is a modern-day fairy tale about Lola Garnett, a bored housewife and office drone who wakes up with unexpected psychic abilities, and no instruction manual, and Twink, the reluctant, sarcastic faery assigned to assist and educate her. The Poppet Master is available wherever books are sold. Its sequel is in the works.

Lisa is also writing The Maxwell Curse, a fictionalized version of a story she found in her own ancestral lineage about a witch trial, a generational curse, and massive mine explosion, all of which left ripples of destruction in their wake, devastating one family’s tree.


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