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fearcoverfina.2lFEAR OF OUR FATHER

Even after a childhood of abuse and fear, Stacey M. Kananen was shocked when her brother, Rickie, admitted his guilt in the cold-blooded murder of their terrifying father, and years later, their helpless mother.

But the greatest shock was to come—when he claimed that Stacey had helped him.

In 1988, when Rickie and Stacey’s father, Richard Kananen Sr., apparently left their home in Orlando, Florida, the family was so relieved that they never reported him missing. Fifteen years later to the day, their mother disappeared. When police became suspicious, Rickie admitted to Stacey that their father’s body was under the cement floor of their mother’s garage, and their mother was buried in Stacey’s own backyard.

Overwhelmed by grief and horror, Stacey’s brother convinced her that they should commit suicide. After a failed attempt, she woke to discover her brother arrested—along with the realization that he had probably never intended to kill himself at all. But his betrayals were not yet over: On the eve of his trial in 2007, he suddenly claimed Stacey had been in on it, and she found herself charged with murder with a gung ho rookie detective who was convinced she was involved.

This is the tragic and triumphant account of one woman’s struggle to overcome her past, clear her name in what would become a dramatic public spectacle of a trial, and finally escape the nightmares that had haunted her entire life.


Meet Lola Garnett, a bored housewife, mom and office drone who wakes up with unexpected psychic abilities, and no instruction manual, and Twink, the reluctant, sarcastic fairy assigned to assist her. In this first book in a series, the American Dream that Lola is living feels more like a coma, and she longs for a more meaningful life. In a perfect demonstration of “be careful what you wish for” she gets her wish when she wakes up from a nap one day with extrasensory abilities and powers. The adventure kicks into gear once she learns that her condition is the result of a botched spell coming from across the street, where her wanna-be-witch neighbor, Melinda Underwood, is foolishly playing with powers she doesn’t understand. Lola’s untrained intuition tells her that Melinda intends to use her powers for evil against innocent people. With the help of a tiny, sarcastic, ethereal sidekick, can Lola overcome her helpless resignation to overthrow Melinda’s evil plot and, while she’s at it, find her own self worth?


What if you were able to see your body’s physical condition as a treasure map to your internal world? What if you were able to see excess weight or illness as a blessing … as clues to a mystery to be solved? What if you could learn to change your body’s physical condition for the better by becoming more consciously aware?

You can do all this and more! You can learn to become a Shape Shifter and help your body to become its healthiest self. Shift your thoughts, shift your shape!

Are you ready to step out of the mainstream diet maelstrom … an old-fashioned and broken system … and into your future Self? Diet and exercise are all well and good, but we all know that they don’t create lasting results if the dieter doesn’t change fundamental things about the way they live their everyday lives. These lifestyle changes are by far the hardest to make, but Shape Shifting gives the reader a fascinating and friendly body/mind/spirit method of creating a whole new life, with a healthier body as a bonus!

You’ll enjoy this book if you’re interested in manifesting the healthiest expression of your Self, using the power of your body/mind/spirit. You’re not interested in looking like someone else’s ideal of what you “should” look like. You’ve had it up to here with what others think your body should be.

Imagine how great it will feel when you finally feel good in your own skin. It’s not an impossible dream. You really can feel great about yourself. In fact, the sooner you do, the sooner you will begin to shift your shape into its healthiest form. What’s even more exciting is that, as you begin to see results, you’ll notice that your overall life is getting better, too! That’s because you’re learning to be your genuine, authentic self … the self that lives in your DNA, the self you came here to be. And as you become more genuine and authentic, then so does your life. It feels so wonderful that you won’t believe you ever lived any other way.

Shape Shifting includes a foreword by Neale Donald Walsch.

For MUCH more information, please visit Shape Shifting Online.


The Law of Attraction states that, “Like attracts like.” In other words, we can’t have what we want in our physical reality until we feel we already have it. You can not be rich if you feel poor. You can not be thin if you feel fat. You can not win if you feel like a loser. So how do you feel like you are what you are not? It is a frustrating paradox. The Shape Shifter’s Daily Diary is not just a journal, it is a creation tool. While using it, you flow into a new “You,” in the same way that river currents reshape boulders. Every entry reshapes the contours of your life. By becoming conscious of who you are becoming, on a daily basis, you have more deliberate say in what your contours will eventually look like. You must know you are wealthy to become rich. You must know you are thin to lose weight. You must know you are a winner in order to triumph. Our outer circumstances mirror our inner world. Using this Diary will help you to deliberately create your desired outcome.


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  1. Shift your thoughts, shift your shape! Like attracts like! Think Im going to love it here!

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