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Post-Cleanse Day Two: Journal entry


I felt well enough to go for a walk today, and the weather was perfect for it. Even the ducks thought it was a great day to be outside!

I continue to feel better and better every day. I am so glad that I did the cleanse. I feel like my reset button has been pushed. I’m energized and able to keep up again. It’s been a looooong time since I’ve felt this well.

IMG_20141124_071855975I woke up this morning with these horribly puffy eyes. I ate “healthy” fast food yesterday, when I was on the go. See what happens? I deliberately ate at a place that advertises its food as a healthy alternative, and still ended up looking like my screameyes were blowfish.Fortunately, that scary look didn’t last long, especially since I began the day right and maintained it all day.

Triumphs: I got twice as much work done today than I’ve been able to do in months. I feel fantastic, and my head is clear.

Makeovers: I had a banana smoothie for breakfast and tried a new quinoa recipe for lunch. The quinoa wasn’t so gIMG_20141124_082614985 copyreat, but it was filling and now I know not to make it again. But, hey … “nothing ventured, nothing gained”, right?

In case you’re interested, the smoothie is one cup of almond/coconut milk, one banana, 2 tbsp. ground flax seed, 1 packet stevia, 2 tbsp PB2, 1 heaping tbsp cocoa powder. YUMMY!

I went to Sprouts (their produce is nicely priced) and bought a bag of oranges so I can make the garlic-free “Morning Cocktails” again. They IMG_20141124_151918681were a nice way to start the day. I’m glad to have found this new recipe to add into the rotation.

AND … I went for a 2.5 mile power walk, which I haven’t been able to do for several weeks (I hurt my ankle and also felt too crappy). If I hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t have seen Officer Blitz (0f the Tempe PD), trying to hide behind a tree!

cleanse pullquoteChallenges: I can’t think of any at the moment.

Intentions: I intend that I ride this wave of feeling good as long as I can.

Current Conditions: Yay!

Daily Thanksgiving: I’m thankful to feel better. Truly, deeply thankful. As they say on the old Geritol commercial, “When you have your health, you have just about everything.”

I haven’t done one of these in a while. Here’s you a dog!


Lisa Bonnice is the author of five books, including Shape Shifting–reclaiming YOUR perfect body (with a foreword by Neale Donald Walsch).

The Cleanse

Here are the instructions given to me by my doc, when she suggested I do a five-day cleanse before the holidays (read this blog for an explanation of the timing).

Cleanse: 5 days

It is extremely helpful to plan your meals ahead and always  have fruit or veggies as a snack available.

Start the day with the lemon juice-olive oil cocktail and then eat as much as you want of the  below foods, and drink plenty of water.

1) Morning cocktail

2) Juicing (or smoothies) – Raw vegetables and fruits – 12-16oz juice per day with any fruit or vegetable you would like, except for bananas.

3) Steamed vegetables and vegetable soups, except for beans.

4) Quinoa, about 2 cups a day for  satiety and protein.

5)  Take Liver GI  Detox by Pure Encapsulations.  2 caps twice a day.

6)  Drink plenty of water and  herbal teas.

By the way, I don’t get any kickbacks from the links I’m supplying here. I like buying supplements from PureFormulas because their prices and selection are good, and they offer free shipping.

Wanna join me? I’ll be responding to your comments here and on my facebook page.

Lisa Bonnice is the author of five books, including Shape Shifting–reclaiming YOUR perfect body (with a foreword by Neale Donald Walsch).

When is it time to ask for help?


I don’t know about you, but I’ll push myself really hard before I will ask for help. Sometimes I have to actually collapse before I’ll admit that I can’t do something.

There’s nothing wrong with pushing your limits. It is, after all, what life is all about. It’s what we’re here for–it’s how we create our own reality.

But once in a while, things fly out of alignment because we push too hard.

Or are we pushing too hard because things flew out of alignment?


In any case, this is what we’ll be talking about this week. Tune in.

Feb. 5, NOON EST/9 PST

New Year’s “Intentions”, instead of “Resolutions”

As mentioned in my previous blog, I’m not a fan of New Year’s Resolutions. They don’t last, at least not for me. But I do have a great deal of success with what I call Shape Shifting. Last year, I lost 35 pounds, quit smoking, went from sedentary to walking over 20 miles a week, and a lot of other goals were achieved.

This is the top that prompted me to take my weight more seriously in 2013. I wanted to wear it to a Solstice celebration in 2012 and couldn't even button it! This year I wore it on Christmas Day, after losing 35 pounds.

This is the top that prompted me to take my weight more seriously in 2013. I wanted to wear it to a Solstice celebration in 2012 and couldn’t even button it! This year I wore it on Christmas Day, after losing 35 pounds.

I have a whole new set of Intentions I’ll be working on this year, which I’ll be talking about on my radio show, when it begins airing again–after a long hiatus–on January 8.

After last year’s collective Triumphs, I’m optimistic that I will have achieved these goals–and then some–by next year at this time!

First, the trip to the UK that I’ve been blogging about is a “must-do”. I know that we’re not supposed to get attached to outcomes when manifesting, and that’s what is making this so hard for me. I don’t know how to do that, when the stakes are as high as they seem to be. I know I can manifest, but can I create something so complex and mysterious in such a short period of time?

Next, I want to reach whatever my body’s ideal goal weight is. I’m not looking for a number on the scale, because I honestly don’t know what that number is. I am, however, intending to keep honing my physical self and allowing my proper weight to reveal itself.

Also, Jeff and I need to move to a new home, and soon. His commute is brutal, so we are moving closer to the city. That’s probably my most immediate goal but, as you can see by the order I’ve listed them, the one I’m least interested in.

I’m sure I can come up with others, but I think that three big goals for the year is enough. The rest is just fill-in material.

Anyone else want to post their Intentions for the year, considering it’s New Year’s Day, with a New Moon? And be sure to join me every Wednesday AM (or listen later in the archives) on BlogTalkRadio. I’d be happy to help you to figure out how to make your own goals happen!

Does lack of money keep you fat?

As the author of Shape Shifting–reclaiming YOUR perfect body, I hear from a lot of readers that money issues sometimes keep them from taking proper care of themselves. They feel that they have to focus too much time on financially surviving, and there is no time left for themselves. So just for fun, I’m posing the question: If someone offered you a million dollars to reach a reasonable weight/fitness goal by the end of the year, could you do it? If so, how?

Just to make it easier for you, your living expenses are all paid for between now and then. Money is no longer an issue. You have all the free time you need to really take care of yourself. But if you don’t make that goal, you have to pay it all back.

What would you change about your life in order to meet that goal? You’ve just signed the contract and now it’s time to begin. What would you do first, and then what would be your follow-up actions?

If it was me, if money was literally no object, I would begin by setting up some doctor’s appointments because I have some crazy health issues that I don’t have a handle on because I can’t afford the kind of health care that I need. Standard doctors have been unable to help me, and since none of it is life threatening, I just have to live with it and hope to someday be able to afford to find some help.

Food Pr0n: Potato and Radicchio Flatbread

Potato and Radicchio Flatbread (Photo credit: drmiggy)

In the meantime, I would hire someone to do all of my meal planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning. That person would take in mind all of my body’s needs with regard to sugar, gluten, organics and GMOs, etc. I would be eating the diet that is truly healthy for me and makes me feel good.

Yoga at Wellspring Vancouver

Yoga at Wellspring Vancouver (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Next, because money is no object and I don’t have to spend all of my headspace worrying about working instead of working out, I’d join a gym and hire a personal trainer who would be nice to me, and take into consideration how out of shape I’ve gotten due to having to sit at a desk to earn a living. This person would care about me as an individual, not bark commands and belittle me if I wasn’t able to keep up at first.

Boy, it’s no wonder celebrities can look the way they do. They can afford all of this, and plastic surgery, too!

Is lack of money keeping you fat? How is money keeping you stuck in a body you’re not happy with? What would you do if money was no object?

Are there any changes that you could make right now that don’t cost anything?

Lisa Bonnice is the author of several books, including Shape Shifting–reclaiming YOUR perfect body. Visit her website to learn more about Shape Shifting, and the Shape Shifting Book Study Group on facebook.

Does ridiculing celebrities help us or hurt us?

I was stepping into my morning shower when I caught a glimpse of my naked backside in a full length mirror on the door behind me. Shuddering with disgust, I couldn’t help noticing the cellulite and crease of skin that runs from my back to my breastline. I quickly stepped into the water and closed the curtain so I wouldn’t give my inner critic any more material, because it was revved up and ready to go already.

“Jesus, you’re gross,” it said. “Do you really expect Jeff to be attracted to you, looking like that?”

I told it to shut up and explained to it several things:

  1. I’m in my forties (and so is Jeff, who looks it, too).
  2. Even at my physical best, I cannot look like a centerfold. It just isn’t in my genetic makeup.
  3. Realistically, I don’t want to look like a centerfold. I truly dislike being leered at.
  4. I have legitimate health issues that block me from rigorous exercise and I do what I can (not that I’m arguing for my limitations, but I have yet to overcome these difficulties).
  5. I don’t care enough, most of the time (until I see that view in the mirror or some exquisitely beautiful woman) to give deliberate, intentional focus to creating a buffed and ripped body, so the chances of my actually ever having one are slim and none.
  6. I wrote a friggin’ book on this topic and ought to know better than to let my inner frat boy beat me up.

So once I shamed the inner critic into silence … after all, I wasn’t making excuses, I was cutting myself a legitimate break … I was allowed to think and my mind wandered. I recalled, a few days back, surfing the web and looking at pictures of celebrities on one of those gossip websites that prides itself on running unflattering photos of those who we, as a society, have put on pedestals. You know the kind of pics … you see them at the checkout counter on the tabloid covers … pictures of stars in bikinis with cellulite and back fat, or poor Kirstie Alley who NEVER catches a break with these people.

I understand why these pictures are popular … they help to smooth the sharp edge off of the unrealistic demand that we, the unwashed masses, somehow diet, sculpt and exercise our ways into looking like people who make a career out of looking amazing with surgery, personal trainers and rigid diets. In fact, recalling these pictures immediately after seeing my own fat ass, actually did help me to stop bashing myself. After all, if one of the rich, wealthy and worshiped looks like I do naked, then I guess I must look like a fairly normal human specimen and that’s okay.

So, yeah, I can dig it. There is a need for us to see the truth that lies beneath the phony Hollywood veneer. But do they have to be so mean? Do they have to sound like my inner critic?

I would love it if one of these sites were to run the exact same photos, but add kinder captions. I do want to see these pictures, because they shatter the illusion and, therefore, help with self-esteem issues. But instead of headlines that scream “Look at her fat aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaass!” I would prefer they say something like, “Hey, her ass looks just like mine!”

Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?