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A metaphysical face lift

I swiped this image from www.wisegeek.net/how-common-is-a-fear-of-age.htm. It's an interesting article. Why not pay them a visit after reading this blog?

I swiped this image from www.wisegeek.net/how-common-is-a-fear-of-age.htm. It’s an interesting article. Why not pay them a visit after reading this blog?

I was looking in the mirror, bemoaning my age. “Moan!” I said, “my age!” I poked up the skin under my ears with my forefingers, tightening my jawline, and instantly looked twenty years younger.

For the record, I’m not one of those people who chases youth, but I’m not necessarily thrilled to see what’s happening à mon visage. I don’t look bad, but the years are definitely showing. I am, after all, 54. I’m allowed.

Not looking too bad for 54, eh? BTW, I'm not really a VIP. Jeff and I went to see Brian Regan at Comerica Theater in Phoenix a couple days ago and Jeff found this "red carpet" spot to take some pics. :-D

Not looking too bad for 54, eh? BTW, I’m not really a VIP. Jeff and I went to see Brian Regan at Comerica Theater in Phoenix a couple days ago and Jeff found this “red carpet” spot to take some pics. 😀

Anyway, I was looking in the mirror and asked, “Pardon me, Healing Guides and Helper Spirits, can you help me to look a little younger? Sort of a metaphysical face lift? You know, move some molecules around, make me look a little better.”

I was hoping that someone was listening and taking notes so, for good measure, I added, “I’m not asking for startling miracles. It’s just that I didn’t appreciate it when I was young. I was too busy to notice that I even had smooth skin and tight jaw line. Could I have a little of it back, if I promise to appreciate it this time?”

Here was my answer: I got a sudden image of myself in twenty years, staring at myself in the mirror and asking the same question, because I didn’t bother to appreciate the youth I have now, at this age.

I’m still hoping for a spirit-assisted face lift, but I think I got the key to start the rejuvenation process.

Lisa Bonnice is the author of five books, including Shape Shifting–reclaiming YOUR perfect body (with a foreword by Neale Donald Walsch) and the comedy novel, Be Careful What You Witch For!

Lisa will be teaching a class at Vision Quest Metaphysical Bookstore in Phoenix, AZ on January 11, 2014 entitled, “Make New Year’s Resolutions work for you, with Shape Shifting“.

Post-Cleanse Day Two: Journal entry


I felt well enough to go for a walk today, and the weather was perfect for it. Even the ducks thought it was a great day to be outside!

I continue to feel better and better every day. I am so glad that I did the cleanse. I feel like my reset button has been pushed. I’m energized and able to keep up again. It’s been a looooong time since I’ve felt this well.

IMG_20141124_071855975I woke up this morning with these horribly puffy eyes. I ate “healthy” fast food yesterday, when I was on the go. See what happens? I deliberately ate at a place that advertises its food as a healthy alternative, and still ended up looking like my screameyes were blowfish.Fortunately, that scary look didn’t last long, especially since I began the day right and maintained it all day.

Triumphs: I got twice as much work done today than I’ve been able to do in months. I feel fantastic, and my head is clear.

Makeovers: I had a banana smoothie for breakfast and tried a new quinoa recipe for lunch. The quinoa wasn’t so gIMG_20141124_082614985 copyreat, but it was filling and now I know not to make it again. But, hey … “nothing ventured, nothing gained”, right?

In case you’re interested, the smoothie is one cup of almond/coconut milk, one banana, 2 tbsp. ground flax seed, 1 packet stevia, 2 tbsp PB2, 1 heaping tbsp cocoa powder. YUMMY!

I went to Sprouts (their produce is nicely priced) and bought a bag of oranges so I can make the garlic-free “Morning Cocktails” again. They IMG_20141124_151918681were a nice way to start the day. I’m glad to have found this new recipe to add into the rotation.

AND … I went for a 2.5 mile power walk, which I haven’t been able to do for several weeks (I hurt my ankle and also felt too crappy). If I hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t have seen Officer Blitz (0f the Tempe PD), trying to hide behind a tree!

cleanse pullquoteChallenges: I can’t think of any at the moment.

Intentions: I intend that I ride this wave of feeling good as long as I can.

Current Conditions: Yay!

Daily Thanksgiving: I’m thankful to feel better. Truly, deeply thankful. As they say on the old Geritol commercial, “When you have your health, you have just about everything.”

I haven’t done one of these in a while. Here’s you a dog!


Lisa Bonnice is the author of five books, including Shape Shifting–reclaiming YOUR perfect body (with a foreword by Neale Donald Walsch).

Cleanse Day Five: Journal entry


The final Morning Cocktail! Huzzah! Turns out, they’re not so bad. I will probably continue to make these a few times a week.

Triumphs: I finished the cleanse, without cheating once and it wasn’t very hard at all. After the first day or two, I wasn’t even very hungry. It carlton-dance-gifshows me that what I thought were hunger pangs were actually false hunger. I didn’t need food, I needed to feed a craving.

I love five pounds and I feel so much better!

Makeovers: Today, at my second day at work, I made a point of wearing the kinds of clothes that made me feel really good about myself.

Challenges: On Saturday, I work a full shift and haven’t  had time to make any arrangements for what I’m going to eat. When coming off a cleanse, it’s wise to not jump back into old habits, for two reasons: you can feel ill if you do, and why undo the good work that’s been done?cleanse pullquote

Intentions: I intend that eat some leftover quinoa for breakfast, so I’ll be full until lunch. Then I intend that I go to Sprouts (a local health food grocery store) for lunch to find something suitable.

Current Conditions: Feeling triumphant!

Daily Thanksgiving: I’m thankful that I’ve proven to myself that I can still do this (I was feeling very discouraged and depressed before I started). I’m grateful for my doctor’s recognition that I needed to do a cleanse. She was right.

Lisa Bonnice is the author of five books, including Shape Shifting–reclaiming YOUR perfect body (with a foreword by Neale Donald Walsch).

Cleanse Day Three: Journal entry


Today was a good day! I felt a little discomfort this afternoon, from eating too many of the same foods (Note to self: too many sweet potatoes can cause an acidy stomach), so I switched it up at dinner time with some new ideas.

Triumphs: I made it easily through Day Three of the cleanse. Well, maybe not easily, but I made it with flying colors. I also came up with a couple of recipes that are good enough to carry on after the cleanse is over. I made some quinoa with carmelized onions and mushrooms for dinner, and a salad with homemade dressing. I’ve never made my own dressing before, and it was really good.

IMG_20141119_144054288Also, my doc said that I can skip the raw garlic in the Morning Cocktail and, instead, take an odorless garlic supplement.

Lastly, I lost another pound, for a total for three so far.

Makeovers: I did several loads of laundry today and changed the sheets. And, some of the cooking I did today counts as a Makeover. I don’t like to cook, so any time I can create something yummy in the kitchen, it’s a Triumph/Makeover.

Challenges: Tomorrow is my first day at my new job. Aside from being nervous, I also have to figure out a way to eat cleanse-friendly foods while I’m there. (But at least I won’t reek of garlic.)

IMG_20141119_185315583Intentions: I intend that I spend some time tomorrow putting together a variety of things to eat. I intend that I do not procrastinate this important task.

Current Conditions: Happy to be more than halfway done.

Daily Thanksgiving: I’m thankful that the Big U seems to be on my side in this effort. I’m grateful that I don’t have to ingest raw garlic anymore. I’m thankful that Jeff is being cool about making his own cleanse pullquotemeals, and that he’s not making many of my favorite (trigger) foods. I’m grateful that I was able to give the grandkids some Oreos today, and wasn’t even tempted.

Wanna join me? I’ll be responding to your comments here and on my facebook page. (You don’t have to do this with me in real time. If you find this series of blogs in the future and want to comment or ask questions, feel free.)

Lisa Bonnice is the author of five books, including Shape Shifting–reclaiming YOUR perfect body (with a foreword by Neale Donald Walsch).

Shape Shifting: Rebooting after a long, hard summer

I live in Arizona, where the summers are indescribably hot. Novelties like cups and t-shirts with this sentiment are common:

This is how that sentiment makes me feel:

Suffice to say, I am ecstatic to see September finally arrive. It’s been a long, hot summer. To make it worse, I’ve been experiencing the internal hell of perimenopausal hot flashes. Half the time I feel like I’m filled with red-hot lava. The other half of the time, I’m picking myself up from where I collapsed, due to the lava.

Anyway, enough with the silliness. Yesterday, Labor Day, I gave the house a good fall cleaning and saw my face in the mirror, as if for the first time in months. I was shocked by how old and tired I looked. It reminded me of a summer, years ago, when I experienced something similar. I wrote about it in my book, Shape Shifting–reclaiming your perfect body. Here is an excerpt:

I happen to have an example of shape shifting from real life to show what I’m talking about.

A recent summer was a rough one, one that made me look and feel really old. On top of our everyday lives, with their everyday stressors, my husband Jeff and I experienced several explosive events, the kinds that individually would have been enough to make anybody cry out to the heavens, “God, why do you hate me?” In addition, we were physically exhausted after, due to those events, living for three months in the Florida summer with no air conditioning and moving from one house to another twice! I also had a job that brought me to tears on a fairly regular basis because it was so disgusting and loathsome. You wouldn’t believe the details if I told you, but take my word for it: this was an exceedingly painful few months—one of the hardest periods of my entire life.

After we moved for the final time, and things seemed to have settled down, I finished unpacking and finally breathed a sigh of relief in our new, air-conditioned place. With a fresh perspective and newly reopened eyes, I caught my reflection in the mirror and was horrified by what I saw. There were deep lines in my face that looked as though they had been etched in with a chisel and a heavy hand. I was pale and wan, and had dark circles under my eyes. My hair was dull and frizzy and I was all hunched over, like a beaten dog. In addition, my body ached all over. I was actually frightened by how much I had aged in such a brief time.

It suddenly occurred to me what had happened. I had allowed all of the “external” events and circumstances to take their toll on my physical body. Honestly, in retrospect, I don’t think I could have prevented it because I was so deeply immersed in the hell that had become my life—I felt very distant from my soul that summer. However, I realized that, in that brief period of time, I had packed years worth of living and learning into a concentrated package. I had previously, and impatiently, asked for accelerated spiritual growth and I got it! I may have matured ten years mentally, emotionally and spiritually, but I didn’t have to let it show physically! So I decided to see if I could erase it from my face, just for fun. No harm in trying, right?

I didn’t really expect it to work. I was mostly just goofing around. I was feeling good, with all of the drama behind me, and was finally comfortable, safe and able to relax. It was more of a lighthearted effort with no real process. I simply decided to relax my muscles and let go of all the stress. I reminded myself to smile and to rejoice in the fact that all was well again. I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply, allowing the inner me to come forth.

Much to my amazement, it worked! As I opened my eyes and watched my face in the mirror, the lines went away and my color returned to normal. The hag in the mirror was magically transformed into the youthful and energetic person that I remembered being, a long time ago (three months ago). Lest you think it was just my imagination, Jeff even noticed the difference, when he came home later. He agreed that it looked like ten years had been removed. He had good reason for saying that—it had been removed!

“Big deal,” you say? It was a big deal. Remember how, when you were little, your mom told you not to make faces because your face might stick that way? She didn’t realize how right she was. If I hadn’t released the stress, and had continued to carry it around with me, my face would have indeed frozen that way and carried that age with it for the rest of my life—or at least until such time as I chose to release it.

This may seem like an elementary example, but it’s a perfect one. The point is, this is what I’m talking about—our thoughts, worries, actions and lives in general do have an affect on our bodies! Maybe it’s time we started to pay attention to what we’re creating in every moment!

I was surprised to discover that the same thing had happened, again. The details of this past summer were different from the one I wrote about, but I still saw myself in the mirror looking old and wretched.

So what I decided to do, as I cleaned that mirror, was to imagine that my Windex/rag combo was wiping away all of the damage done to my face. I allowed myself to relax and let go of the stress of the summer. I reminded myself that cooler weather is on its way, and I watched some of the age and worry drain fade away.

It really does work. Give it a try sometimes.

Money and Weight Loss: Are they connected?

For me, the answer is yes. Or, at least, it was. Last year I wrote a blog called “Does lack of money keep you fat?” because I was having a difficult time rationalizing spending extra money on the kinds of foods I felt that I needed, in order to get healthy and lose weight.

After all, we had one food budget for two people. To buy completely different foods for just me would mean over-extending the budget. And to ask my husband to change to the way I want to eat didn’t seem fair.

Never mind that his assuming that I should eat what he wants is equally unfair, but possession is 9/10ths of the law, right? His way of eating had possessed our kitchen for over twenty years, so it felt unreasonable of me to expect him to change just because what works for him doesn’t work for me. So I suffered in relative silence and got fatter and fatter.

My journey from 215 to 150.

My journey from 215 – 150.

Finally, after posting that blog, I did something about it. I pretty much just insisted and, to my surprise, he didn’t put up as much of a fight as I expected. And we’ve discovered that my eating my way and his eating his way really doesn’t cost much different, once we settled into a shopping and cooking routine. Now I’m 35 pounds lighter and he didn’t have to give up eating garbage.

I’ll be talking about this tomorrow on my radio show. Listen in, won’t you?

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To beat or not to beat — not much of a question

I didn’t make a deadline I set for myself. It was one that I was taking seriously, but I was still unable to make it. In the olde days, I would have given myself a thorough and long lasting thrashing about how much I suck. Fortunately I’ve grown up a little and that is no longer my reaction. Instead, I’ve decided to see what I’ve learned from this.

The deadline was to complete 50,000 words toward a new novel in one month, by participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), a contest that one wages against oneself. I could have probably pulled it off if my household had not experienced an economic disaster, the kind that so many other families are living through while our society rewrites itself. So, yeah, I was a little distracted. It has taken me this long to begin to feel like every little thing is gonna be alright.

On the plus side, I did get over 30,000 words written, and the storyline itself is pretty much finished in my head. All that’s left is the “scribbling and bibbling.” I’ve fallen in love with the new characters and am enjoying fleshing out the folks we got to know in Book 1. I’ve renewed some good work habits that I let go lax since I finished my last book (I needed a break) and am enjoying writing again. This is going to be a fun book.

So, I may not have met that goal, but I am certainly further along on that project than I would have been if I hadn’t even tried.

Yay me!

Yay, me!

Yay, me!

Along those lines, today is my 52nd birthday. I refuse to wallow in fear and self-pity about what is going on in the personal side of my life. That’s what I’ve spent the past couple weeks doing, and that’s what derailed me in this contest. I know it’s up to me to change how shitty that has made me feel.

So, as a birthday gift to myself, I’ve written a new bio, because even with my ego pushed aside, I have to admit it’s a pretty doggone interesting story (even if it is long–52 years worth). I’m going to, just for today, toot my own horn without apology. If you’re interested, you can read it here, on my bio page.

The fading power of “beauty” ads

I’ll admit it, I spend more time than I really should yelling at the TV when I see an ad trying to sell me a product to help boost my low self-esteem (which was fine until the ad told me how much I suck). But last night, I am happy to report, I saw a foretelling of the end of that era.

You know the ads: you’re too fat, you’re too old, your hair isn’t shiny enough, your floors are grotesque, your clothes are “puh-leez!” Teeth whitening ads, where a glistening beauty believes that she can’t get married because her teeth aren’t white enough–even though they are beyond perfect as is–are the latest in a ridiculous series of this type.

Fortunately, I’m finally of an age where I know that it’s a “Buyers Beware” market  and that most TV is pure crap. I don’t watch it much anymore. However, impressionable young minds buy into the brainwashing that their natural state of being needs expensive sneakers to improve the condition of their asses.

I am happy to report that advertisers have officially run out of things to make us feel bad about. Witness the following commercial where they tell us that scratching your head will turn off a cute guy:

I dare say that the vast majority of men won’t even notice that you are scratching your head, unless the movement is making your boobs jiggle. And in that case, they wouldn’t want you buying a shampoo to solve that problem!

Yes, if that’s the best they can do, then I’d say they have run out of steam. Can I hear a “Hallelujah!”?

A Muslim actress in Playboy?

A Muslim actress named Sila Sahin has come under fire recently after she posed for Playboy magazine (the German version) and, of course, I’ve got an opinion about that. I’ve been thinking about this for a few days, wanting to make sure that I know exactly how I feel  and how to say it, because I think this is an important issue.

Sila Sahin, a 25-year-old Turkish German living in Berlin, has been branded a "whore" and a "Western slut" after appearing topless on the cover of the magazine's May 2011 issue, The Sun reports. (credit FoxNew.com)

First, let me admit that my original reaction was one of pure disgust, because out of all the things in life that cause me to knee-jerk into feeling helpless, hopeless, and bitterly angry, Hugh Hefner and Playboy rank right up there on top.

It’s not because of the nudity. I live in a nudist resort. And it’s not because of the sexual content. I have sex, I enjoy sex, I have no problem with it. I just feel like Playboy is the sleaziest of the bunch because it tries to pretend to be a classy thing as it objectifies impossibly gorgeous women, with the implication that the vast majority of women are too ugly to be “Playboy material.” At least Larry Flynt is honest that Hustler’s purpose is to be whacking material.

Anyhoo, after I had some time to think about this in an adult manner, (without the knee-jerk-reaction-due-to-personal-issues) I was able to take in what the article says about her reasons for doing it. She just makes so much sense when she says that the photos are a reaction to the “slavery” of her youth.

From Marjane Satrapi's book Persepolis, which illustrates what life was like for her, as a girl growing up in Iran.

Sila Sahin says, “What I want to say with these photos is, ‘Girls, we don’t have to live according to the rules imposed upon us’. For years I subordinated myself to various societal constraints. The Playboy photo shoot was a total act of liberation.”

Wow. I get that and I’m moved by that. I can’t imagine living under the strict rules that many Islamic women must obey, with the veils and burqas and complete subjugation. I don’t know how they survive. Heck, I find it hard enough being a woman in American society. So I do hear her message and applaud her for it.

But did it have to be Playboy? She simply jumped from the chauvinist frying pan into the sexist fire! Couldn’t she have done this for a woman’s magazine? I’m sure there are puhlenty of them who would have loved to help her “spread” her feminist message.

The voting has begun! Can I count on your support?

The contest has begun! It’s time for me to get out there and start gathering your votes.

(Go the extra mile after you vote, and you might win a signed copy of Shape Shifting! See the bottom of the page for details.)

I am a contestant in the Next Top Spiritual Author competition, which is like American Idol for someone like me. I’m entering the new edition of my first book, Shape Shifting–the Body/Mind/Spirit Weight Solution. First place is a publishing contract with Hampton Roads. That is a really great prize, and I’m ready for it. I’m prepared to step into the role of “professional, published author.” I have all of my ducks in a row, with the radio show, the daily diary, the blog, discussion forum and teams, etc. Readers of my book have reported weight losses of up to 80 pounds, which they’ve kept off!

I truly believe that Shape Shifting is an idea whose time has come. I can win this competition … it’s what I’ve been building toward my entire life. But I need your help. Round 1 is more or less a popularity contest, so I need you and everyone you know to vote for me. After you vote, post it on your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and/or whatever other social networking sites you use. Help me spread the word and make it to Round 2! There are approximately 3000 contestants, so EVERY VOTE IS IMPORTANT. Voting begins March 29, and this is the web address you’ll visit to do so:


If you want more information before voting, please visit http://www.shapeshiftingonline.com/contest.htm

I can’t stress this enough: after you vote, I would REALLY appreciate it if you would tell your friends, and ask them to tell their friends, because this is a numbers game. Let’s ripple this outward like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Let’s get people who’ve never even heard of me before to vote for me in this competition.

If you want to post this note on your Facebook profile, just click the “Share +” button next to the headline. Or, you can copy and paste this and add it as your own note. If nothing else, just send them the link


and ask them to vote for your friend, Lisa, who you think deserves to win. Twitter, Ning sites, your SparkPeople page, and email lists are all great ways to spread the word.

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After you submit your request for a Harpo Hook-Up, copy and paste the first paragraph of the page you see next, and email it to me at lisa@lisabonnice.com with your name and address (so I can sign and mail your book to you if you win), and you will be entered to win!