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Solve your body’s mystery symptoms

I’m hosting The Shift Network’s second annual Intuitive Medicine Summit, a free online event from July 25-29, 2022. I love hosting these summits because I get to talk to some of the most interesting people on earth about ways that we can participate in our own healing, and not just rely on someone else to “fix” us. 

For example, this year I talked with Marie Manuchehri about accessing help from the “other side” to solve health issues, and Dr. Keesha Ewers about the link between childhood trauma, intuitive abilities, and adult illness. I also spoke with Dr. Titus Chiu about vagus nerve activation to unlock your intuition, creativity and healing.

I also hosted a panel discussion with the founders of the National Organization for Medical Intuition (NOMI) Wendie Colter, Dr. Tiffany Barsotti, Cay Randall-May, Dr. Maria Gentile and Elizabeth Thorson about their dedication to the advancement of professional Medical Intuition and their vision of a world where medical intuitive practitioners are accepted in clinical healthcare as well as in private practice. 

Tina Zion shares wisdom about tapping into your own intuitive abilities to help yourself and others, and Dayna Macy offers helpful advice about listening to your body’s signals with regard to overeating and which foods will best serve its optimum functioning. Masami Covey talks with me about burnout and compassion fatigue and how these don’t have to be viewed as negatives … they may actually be our intuition trying to tell us something!

Anyone who has been frustrated with undiagnosed symptoms or who may be struggling to work within the sometimes counterintuitive mainstream medical field will find valuable information here. 

The best thing about Shift Network summits is that they are free to watch online during the week they air. Each session replays, free, for 48 hours after its airtime. The only cost is if you choose to purchase the upgrade package to add the recordings and special bonuses to your digital library. There’s so much more I could tell you, but I think you’d be better served to see for yourself. Register here for the FREE Intuitive Medicine Summit and check out the power-packed lineup of speakers. You’ll be glad you did.

Miraculous healing in Phoenix

Dafne Gutierrez 12NEWS NBC Phoenix

Dafne Gutierrez (Image Source 12NEWS NBC Phoenix–see link below)

I, like many others, would like to believe in miracles. However, when life gets hard and stays that way, it’s difficult to trust that miracles are real. But I just heard about a woman in Phoenix, Arizona whose vision was restored and even one of her doctors admits that a miracle is the only explanation.

I recently attended a healing service at Saint Timothy’s Catholic Church, in Mesa, AZ and was surprised to see that they were hosting a guest speaker, a woman named Dafne Gutierrez. She spoke at length about losing her vision in November 2015, only to regain it earlier this year, in January 2016, after being prayed for by a local priest and touching a relic of St. Charbel, who was known for his miraculous healings.

Gutierrez spoke movingly about how her only option seemed to be going to a nursing home, because her family was unable to easily care for her. She had young children and was devastated that she would never see their faces again.

Eventually, a relative told her about the local church’s temporary possession of the saint’s relic and insisted that she attend. She did so and, within a few days, her eyesight was not only restored, but her stunned doctor told her that her vision was now 20/20.

After Gutierrez spoke, one of her doctors took the mic and reported that a panel of several objective physicians examined her and her medical records. While the older records clearly stated that she was permanently blind, with no hope of recovery, the physicians discovered that her optical nerves were as good as new. The doctor ended her speech by saying that she had no other explanation than a miracle.

Here are a couple links to news stories about Dafne Guttierez:

Here is a video of another woman speaking about her own miraculous healing, due to St. Charbel. And although I’ve had my own experiences with smaller miracles, these people give me hope that true miraculous healing is, indeed, possible.

And, as a final note, here’s you a miraculous dog.

miraculous dog

lisa author shotLisa Bonnice is an award-winning, best-selling author and editor/manuscript doctor (and former stand-up comedienne—is there anything she can’t do???). Her current passion-project is a series of metaphysical comedy novels. The first in the series is Be Careful What You Witch For!, a modern-day fairy tale about Lola Garnett, a bored housewife and office drone who wakes up with unexpected psychic abilities, and no instruction manual, and Twink, the reluctant, sarcastic faery assigned to assist and educate her. Its sequel, Patterns in the Chaos, is scheduled to be published sometime in 2016.


Mediumship: Connecting to our loved ones on the other side

61196_148508758524798_100000970241137_228152_2116644_nI took another class at Vision Quest recently, this one on Mediumship. I know a lot of people who say that they have communication with their loved ones on the other side of the veil and I believe that I have experienced the same. But I wanted to take this class to see if I was right.

Similar to my questions when taking the class on Spirit Guides and Angels, I wasn’t sure if the voices I think I’m hearing or the messages I think I’m getting are just my imagination or the real thing. There are times when I very strongly feel a specific loved one’s presence, especially if I’m using my pendulum. I can feel him in the room, hear his voice and see his smile.

John_Beattie_Eugene_Rochas_seanceBut is it real?

The class was taught by Apollo, a metaphysician who teaches lots and lots of classes at VQ. He addressed this question, right off the bat–it’s apparently a common one.

Apollo’s advice was (I’m paraphrasing) if you fear that you’re making it up, go ahead and make it up. Pretend to  have a conversation. Just do it. As you practice, and allow yourself to be open to contact, the stream of information will become stronger and eventually you will feel the difference. You’ll know when you’ve connected.

He led the class in some automatic writing exercises, which were very effective. I felt the same way as I feel when I’m connecting with my favorite “ghost” at home, so it felt validating.

And then, my mind was blown.Crystall-ball

After the exercises, Apollo asked each of us for the name of the person we connected with, and he opened himself up to messages. When it was my turn, he tapped right in. Even he seemed surprised by how strong the connection was. I could see his aura growing large and bright and, as he spoke, his energy body began to actually look like my loved one.




Unfortunately, he was interrupted by someone in the class who decided that this would be a good time to ask a mediumshipquestion, so the connection was temporarily broken. He did manage to tap back in, but the visual sensation was lost.

I was pretty bummed out by the interruption, but, bare minimum, I got what I came for: validation. It’s hard, when you grow up in a skeptical world, to not think you’re crazy when this kind of stuff happens. I’m even mildly uncomfortable writing about it here on my blog, because I don’t want certain family/friends to read it and think I’m nuts.

But I know what I know. I’ve spent my whole life psychically connected and pretending around certain people that I’m not, for fear of being made fun of. No more. The classes I’m taking at Vision Quest are really helping me to come out of the broom closet.


Apollo teaches regularly at Vision Quest, at 3114 E. Indian School Road, in Phoenix, AZ. Here is a link to their class schedule.

Lisa Bonnice is the author of five books, including Shape Shifting–reclaiming YOUR perfect body (with a foreword by Neale Donald Walsch) and the comedy novel, Be Careful What You Witch For!

Cleanse-prep journal format

In one week from today, I’ll be starting a doctor-ordered cleanse. It’s mostly fruits and vegetables, with some quinoa for protein. I’ll use this blog to introduce the format I’ll be using for my cleanse journal.

After a crazy weekend, I’m finally able to sit down today and begin planning for next week. I’ll post the cleanse instructions as soon as I can give the proper credit to its creator. I don’t know if it’s something my doctor came up with, or if she got it from elsewhere. So, when I know that, I’ll post the instructions. Hopefully that will be later today.

Shape Shifters Daily Diary front coverMeantime, I’m using my Shape Shifters Daily Diary format, which includes these components, posted in this order:

Daily Thanksgiving

The instructions, below, are given in a slightly different order, because it’s easier to explain this way:

Challenges are the circumstances that keep you from your preferred state. Challenges are the only component to be worded as possibly negative because we immediately flip them over and reword them as …

Intentions, which are Challenges reframed to make a positive statement. Once you recognize a Challenge, you now know what you intend to overcome. Find a positive way to reword your Challenge and start the sentence with “I intend that I AM …”, stating it in the present tense. The creative Force into which we speak takes our words—and how we feel about them—very literally.

Triumphs are signs that forward movement is happening. They don’t have to be “Mission Accomplished.” They can be the smallest indication carlton-dance-gifthat something has improved. Shining light upon them helps them to grow. And it’s always fun to do a happy dance.

Makeovers are the things you do to look or feel better about yourself. They can be as simple as wearing your favorite shirt to work—the one you save for special occasions—or showering with your “expensive” soap. They can also be energy clearing actions like cleaning your closets, changing your sheets or smudging your house with sage. Changing the Feng Shui of your home is an extremely powerful Makeover. They don’t have to cost anything, but they should make you feel like you’ve cleared some stagnant energy.

garden anim

To use a gardening analogy:

  • Stating your Challenges is the same as tilling the rocky soil.
  • Setting your Intentions is planting high-quality seeds.
  • Recognizing your Triumphs is spotting and caring for the tiny sprouts as they poke through the earth.
  • Makeovers are the fertilizer that makes your soil rich.

Daily Thanksgivings are daily ways of checking in and appreciating what’s already good in your life. Think of it as a mini “Rampage of Appreciation,” for you Abe fans.cleanse pullquote

I think that’s enough information for one blog. I’ll post later with my journal entry for the day.

Wanna join me? I’ll be responding to your comments here and on my facebook page.

Lisa Bonnice is the author of five books, including Shape Shifting–reclaiming YOUR perfect body (with a foreword by Neale Donald Walsch).

My experience with Chakradance

My friend Emma Porter is a Chakradance™ facilitator. For a long while I’ve wanted to participate in one of her workshops, and was finally able to this morning. I’m happy to report that it’s just as wonderful as she promised, and more.

Click this image for a great article on the chakra system.

Click here to learn about the chakra system.

“What is Chakradance?” you ask. Good question. I didn’t know either. I knew what chakras are, I knew what dancing is, but I couldn’t imagine how one would combine them. Here’s a description from the Chakradance website:

In a darkened room, lit only by candle-light, we move to music created to resonate with the vibrations of each of our 7 major chakras.  We dance with our eyes mainly closed, and our attention turned inwards, for unlike most other dance practices, Chakradance is about making a connection with our inner world – the world of our imagination, feelings, intuition and senses.

dancingbabyAt first, I felt a little weird. I’m open to new experiences, but I’m slightly uncomfortable dancing in front of other people. As my friend Leanne said,  “I don’t want to be the ‘old lady’ on the dance floor.” I know exactly what she means. Neither of us are going to be out there twerking any time soon.

But this isn’t dancing, per se. It’s a moving meditation. In fact, you don’t even have to dance (you can if you want to, but you don’t have to). You can sit or even lie down, which is good because I am currently dealing with an ankle injury that made it hard for me to meditate2this2stand for very long. So I sat down halfway through and “chair danced”, and the experience was just as deep.

I attended the “7 Keys to Freedom” workshop, which includes nine songs: seven designed to resonate with each individual chakra, and two more as intro and outro music. For each song, Emma gives specific guided instructions, which I found to be extremely powerful and easy to follow.

A couple of people in the workshop with me described it, afterwards, as taking a journey into themselves. Emma said that she’s heard that before. I can see why. It really is like entering an altered state and taking a trip into your inner being. I don’t know how else to describe it. You’d have to be there.

I’ve listened to all sorts of recorded chakra-balancing and guided meditations over the years, but there is something very different about this. I was truly surprised by how effective the experience was.

The best part was Emma, herself. She gets so much joy out of facilitating these workshops that she makes you feel welcome, comfortable and ready to participate. If you’re in the Phoenix, AZ area, and want to give it a try, check out Emma’s website for her schedule of events. And if you’re not, or would like to just try it at home, you can purchase DVDs and CDs at their site. Save 10% with discount code: EMMA


Are you who you thought you’d be?


After last week’s discussion about asking for help, tune in to find out where that conversation led. We’ll be talking about pushing ourselves forward, in creating our own reality. Did we end up where we thought we’d be? If not, now what? And, how did Amanda Palmer save Lisa’s life? 😉

SHAPE SHIFTING = The conscious, deliberate release of old thought patterns, to create healthy changes in your life. (The bonus is that this usually results in weight balancing–loss or gain–depending on your body’s needs.)

Wed. Feb 12 12EST

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Anything I want

I was at a “Creative Creation” class and the instructor suggested a little game for us. He pointed to a bookshelf that held several decks of Tarot and Oracle cards and told us all to pick up a deck. He didn’t want us to use the cards to do readings, he said that he wanted us to pull random cards and each build a story out of them. Everyone grabbed a deck and settled in on the floor to begin.

I saw, on the shelf, a bag of Scrabble tiles and I told him I’d rather use them, so I could spell out anything I want. He said that would be okay, but suggested that I make it a little more challenging. He said that I could use the little books that come with the decks to pick out random words and build a sentence out of those.

scrabbleI grabbed the books and the tiles and sat them down on the floor in front of me. I picked up the first book, closed my eyes, opened a page and plopped my finger down on a word on the left side of the center binding. I opened my eyes and was delighted to see that I was pointing at the word “anything.” I laughed and told everyone, “Check it out! My first word was ‘anything’!”

Everyone was just as tickled by this coincidence as I was, as I picked out the letter tiles and spelled out the word on the floor. I picked up another book, and repeated the process. I was a little spooked to see, when I opened my eyes, that I was pointing at the word “I.”

I found the letter tile and put it next to the tiles that were spelling out the first word in my Creative Creation sentence. I said to everyone, “What are the odds that I pick the right word from the last book?” We all laughed and agreed that it would be amazing and awesome, but somewhat unlikely.

I picked up another book, closed my eyes and pointed. I opened my eyes and the gravity of what I saw shook me. I dug through the tiles and completed my sentence:

Anything I want.

I closed my eyes again and when I opened them I saw that I was in my own bed, in my own room, with Jeff snoring softly beside me. I could smell the timer-set coffee brewing in the kitchen and heard the sounds of the garbage truck down the street, picking up cans and crashing them back down to the curb. It was just a dream.

Life is but a dream, isn’t it?

Here’s you a dog playing Scrabble:


Epiphany Quest 2010: Chapter 8–Holy cow!

Today we’re leaving Lake Tahoe, a few days early, because the vibe here just isn’t what we’re looking for. The Lake itself is beautiful, but the casino city has a typical kind of desperate ickiness in the air. We’d rather spend the Solstice enjoying nature, so we’re heading out early to Salt Lake City, a very long drive across Nevada and Utah, including the Salt Flats, which I’m really looking forward to seeing.

While here in Tahoe, we’ve seen two brutal car accidents, where the vehicles were flipped over, and some poor soul in need of some sort of big help from the hotel staff. We don’t know what was going on, and didn’t pry, but something bad was happening. That’s when we took our drive yesterday to “get out of Dodge,” as it were, and saw the amazing cloud and sun formations that I posted pictures of on Facebook yesterday. It brought us back to center, thank Goddess, because we were both in pretty bad shape after Saturday.

Saturday was a nice day until the last part of the trip when we found ourselves on yet another terror ride, hugging the sides of mountains with no real guard rails to speak of. Then once we checked in to our hotel room, we decided to take advantage of the one night of this whole trip where we’ll be around a nightclub and lots of people on a weekend night. We got dressed up and went dancing. That’s when I realized that I’m either “too old for this shit,” a la Danny Glover, or I’ve “ascended” too far to enjoy today’s club scene. I was amazed to see that the club had almost-naked dancing girls, and some chick in mostly her skin, being painted for the amusement of the club goers. The music was AWFUL and the drinks were expensive, and the people were all laced with that same desperation that we felt in the casinos.

Now, I’m not judging. I am a card-carrying nudist so nudity doesn’t bother me (just don’t get me started on the topic of the objectification of women’s bodies). I used to work in bars, for many years, performed in many comedy clubs, and participated in my own forms of debauchery, so I don’t think these people are “bad” for doing this stuff. It just doesn’t fit who I am now. Plus, we just had better music back then. I don’t know what this shit was, but I don’t recall even hearing any words. Just lots of pounding.

The funny thing is that we came here, to Tahoe, after our amazing spiritual experience in Mount Shasta. I still haven’t written about that yet, because there is a much larger story playing out that hasn’t been completed yet. I’ll probably tell that tale once we reach the end of this trip. But in any case, we knew that when we left Shasta to come to a casino town that it had the potential for being a huge culture shock. I told Vicci it felt like coming down from Mt. Sinai, only to find the people having an orgy and dancing around a Golden Cow. Little did I know that “cow” would be a girl covered with paint.

Pics are posted on my Facebook page.

Don’t forget to listen to my interview on CBS Radio on Tuesday June 22 at 9PM EST!

Voting for Round Two of the Next Top Spiritual Author competition ends one week from today. Please don’t forget to vote for Shape Shifting, and to ask all your friends and family to do the same!

Epiphany Quest 2010: Chapter 1–The countdown begins

I’m about to embark on a fascinating journey. When one of my oldest friends (meaning I’ve known her forever, not that she’s the “oldest” one of my friends) suggested a drive across the western half of the US, to help her to get over a painful divorce, I just saw it as a girls’ road trip. After all, it might be fun for the two of us middle-aged women to drive up PCH and check out the Golden Gate bridge, and relax for a couple days in Lake Tahoe. Fun, but no big deal.

Then she threw in the idea of going to Mount Shasta, because she had heard that it was one of those woo-woo vortexes, like in Sedona. My first reaction, other than one of recognition because my friend Elizabeth Anne Hill had gone there a couple years ago, was that I really didn’t want to add it to the itinerary. It’s waaaaay out of the way, and I’m not a huge fan of mountain roads. So I talked her out of it.

But then she got a reading from my psychic friend Curtis Folts, who told her she absolutely MUST go to Shasta on this trip. I was pretty ticked off when I heard this because, damn it, I just talked her out of going!

She felt like she really needs to go, because it’s supposed to be a really spiritual place and she said it would be a shame to be only five hours away, as opposed to across the country. I saw the sense in that, and decided it was okay with me, as long as we could get there and back by using only interstates. I really hate secondary roads through the mountains. Been there, done that, and my butt is still unclenching.

Well, I’ve been researching Mount Shasta and what we should do while we’re there, and I’m beginning to realize that this is to a “New Ager” what Jerusalem is to many other spiritual belief systems. It’s sort of our Mecca. I don’t know how I’ve been involved in the New Thought world for as long as I have and not known that, but there it is. I guess I never really thought of “New Thought” as having a holy city, but if we did, it would apparently be Mount Shasta.

So, off we go. In about 10 days or so, we’ll be on our way. I’m going to be keeping a sort of travelogue along the way. It should be a fascinating trip, because we’re hitting a lot of “spiritual” places and planning lots of fun, psychic experiments. I’ll keep ya posted!

I could sure use your feedback!

As you may know, I have received enough votes (thank you!) to move on to Round 2 of the Next Top Spiritual Author competition. Round 2 requires us to submit a book proposal, the same kind we would submit if we were pitching our books to publishers even without this competition.

Here’s where your help would be tremendously valuable. If you would answer whichever one of these questions is appropriate, I will send blessings unto the 10th generation in gratitude. ;-*

1. If you have read Shape Shifting, please let me know your favorite aspects of it, so I can be sure to emphasize those features.


2. If you haven’t read Shape Shifting, please read the information below and let me know: what are the questions you have about the book and its concepts?

Here are the book’s vitals:

AUTHOR: Lisa Bonnice

BOOK TITLE: Shape Shifting–the Body/Mind/Spirit weight solution

GENRE: Body Messages, Conscious Creation, Health: Weight Loss, Personal Development, Transformation

SUMMARY: What if you were able to see excess weight or illness as a blessing … as clues to a mystery to be solved? What if you could learn to change your body’s physical condition for the better by becoming more consciously aware? You can learn to become a Shape Shifter and help your body to become its healthiest self.

NEXT TOP SPIRITUAL AUTHOR PAGE: http://www.nexttopauthor.com/profile.cfm?aid=2155

BOOK DESCRIPTION: What if you were able to see your body’s physical condition as a treasure map to your internal world? What if you were able to see excess weight or illness as a blessing … as clues to a mystery to be solved? What if you could learn to change your body’s physical condition for the better by becoming more consciously aware?

You can do all this and more! You can learn to become a Shape Shifter and help your body to become its healthiest self. Shift your thoughts, shift your shape!

Are you ready to step out of the mainstream diet maelstrom … an old-fashioned and broken system … and into your future Self? Diet and exercise are all well and good, but we all know that they don’t create lasting results if the dieter doesn’t change fundamental things about the way they live their everyday lives. These lifestyle changes are by far the hardest to make, but Shape Shifting gives the reader a fascinating and friendly body/mind/spirit method of creating a whole new life, with a healthier body as a bonus!

You’ll enjoy this book if you’re interested in manifesting the healthiest expression of your Self, using the power of your body/mind/spirit. You’re not interested in looking like someone else’s ideal of what you “should” look like. You’ve had it up to here with what others think your body should be.

Imagine how great it will feel when you finally feel good in your own skin. It’s not an impossible dream. You really can feel great about yourself. In fact, the sooner you do, the sooner you will begin to shift your shape into its healthiest form. What’s even more exciting is that, as you begin to see results, you’ll notice that your overall life is getting better, too! That’s because you’re learning to be your genuine, authentic self … the self that lives in your DNA, the self you came here to be. And as you become more genuine and authentic, then so does your life. It feels so wonderful that you won’t believe you ever lived any other way.

Shape Shifting includes a foreword by Neale Donald Walsch.

AUTHOR BIO: Lisa Bonnice has been studying metaphysics and the magical arts for most of her life, including pursuing a degree in metaphysics. She is gifted with a very clear vision of how the body/mind/spirit connection works, and the ability to communicate that connection in a friendly, down-to-earth way.

She spent over five years as a multi award-winning affiliate writer and producer for MSNBC.com. Lisa also worked as an editor for Future Medicine Publishers’ Alternative Medicine-The Definitive Guide and spent seven years as a standup comedienne. Among her many other strange and wonderful jobs, Lisa has been a humor columnist, news writer, television reporter and a writer for the TV variety show Hollywood Revue.

Her radio show, Shape Shifting with Lisa Bonnice, features experts in body/mind/spirit consciousness, to help the listening audience better understand how to Shape Shift. Her blog and discussion forums are designed for readers … or Shape Shifters … to receive assistance on their own journeys. Lisa has even formed a Shape Shifters Team on the famous SparkPeople site where she has created a free version of her Shape Shifters Daily Diary.

Lisa has also had the honor of addressing the Spiritual Caucus at the UN, while serving in her role as Southern Regional Coordinator for Humanity’s Team.

She has two daughters-Kristina and Stacy-who grew up to be very cool people and are terrific fun to be around, and three zany grandkids. She and her husband Jeff currently reside in Florida.

Oh yeah-she’s also lived a zillion or so times.