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Meet your spirit guides and angels …

angelI took a class on spirit guides and angels recently at Vision Quest bookstore, in Phoenix, taught by one of their in-house psychics, Sonya Lee. I’ve been into metaphysics and psychic/intuitive arts my whole life, but I’ve never been able to connect with my own guides or angels. So I thought I’d check out this class.

When asked to introduce ourselves, I told the class that I have no problem believing that spirit guides or angels exist. But for some reason, aloneI find it hard to believe that I have them or that, if I do, I can connect with them. This is, no doubt, why I have a hard time connecting–I know that. Even so, I feel very alone.

But what to do about it?

Sonya, a friendly, down-to-earth instructor, was able to help me with that. After explaining the various kinds of angels and guides, she led the class through a meditation to meet one of our own guides. I had an interesting Sonyaexperience with the meditation, but what really helped me was to just watch Sonya as she connected with her own guides.

I noticed that, from time to time, she’d stop talking and laugh as her own guides would say something funny–which she would then share with us. I recognized what she was doing. I, too, have similar experiences. A voice, not my own (and not the mental illness type of disembodied voice), will answer a question that I’m stewing on or chime in with a punchline or two.

For me, it usually happens in the shower. I get my best ideas in the shower. I’ll be thinking about something when BLAMMO … an idea pops into my head and floods me so quickly that I pray that I’ll remember it Ang-angels-8307005-480-460all until I can rinse off and get to a pen and paper.

I’ve noticed that I can access this voice when I’m in a certain frame of mind–relaxed, curious, and relatively Zen. I can’t hear my own guidance if I’m tense, angry or impatient. And this is exactly what Sonya suggested in her class. It was a wonderful validation that I was already doing what I was trying to learn to do.

Regarding her psychic abilities, I had a reading with Sonya, too, and she was right on the money. She nailed several issues and offered excellent advice, which is working beautifully. She is available at Vision Quest in person at 3114 East Indian School Road, in Phoenix, or via phone at 480-949-1888.

Lisa Bonnice is the author of five books, including Shape Shifting–reclaiming YOUR perfect body (with a foreword by Neale Donald Walsch) and the comedy novel, Be Careful What You Witch For!

Epiphany Quest 2010: Chapter 1–The countdown begins

I’m about to embark on a fascinating journey. When one of my oldest friends (meaning I’ve known her forever, not that she’s the “oldest” one of my friends) suggested a drive across the western half of the US, to help her to get over a painful divorce, I just saw it as a girls’ road trip. After all, it might be fun for the two of us middle-aged women to drive up PCH and check out the Golden Gate bridge, and relax for a couple days in Lake Tahoe. Fun, but no big deal.

Then she threw in the idea of going to Mount Shasta, because she had heard that it was one of those woo-woo vortexes, like in Sedona. My first reaction, other than one of recognition because my friend Elizabeth Anne Hill had gone there a couple years ago, was that I really didn’t want to add it to the itinerary. It’s waaaaay out of the way, and I’m not a huge fan of mountain roads. So I talked her out of it.

But then she got a reading from my psychic friend Curtis Folts, who told her she absolutely MUST go to Shasta on this trip. I was pretty ticked off when I heard this because, damn it, I just talked her out of going!

She felt like she really needs to go, because it’s supposed to be a really spiritual place and she said it would be a shame to be only five hours away, as opposed to across the country. I saw the sense in that, and decided it was okay with me, as long as we could get there and back by using only interstates. I really hate secondary roads through the mountains. Been there, done that, and my butt is still unclenching.

Well, I’ve been researching Mount Shasta and what we should do while we’re there, and I’m beginning to realize that this is to a “New Ager” what Jerusalem is to many other spiritual belief systems. It’s sort of our Mecca. I don’t know how I’ve been involved in the New Thought world for as long as I have and not known that, but there it is. I guess I never really thought of “New Thought” as having a holy city, but if we did, it would apparently be Mount Shasta.

So, off we go. In about 10 days or so, we’ll be on our way. I’m going to be keeping a sort of travelogue along the way. It should be a fascinating trip, because we’re hitting a lot of “spiritual” places and planning lots of fun, psychic experiments. I’ll keep ya posted!