Here’s you a blog???

Why is this called “Here’s you a blog”?

During the summer of 2010, my husband Jeff and I took a month long camping trip from Florida to Lake Erie and back (an incredible story!), and while we were in Elkhorn City, KY, I blogged the following about the local accent:

“My favorite example of the accent comes from my trip to the post office. The incredibly sweet and friendly woman at the counter decided I needed some fancy stamps, since I was mailing cards. She said, “I lahk puttin’ purty staymps own cards. Here’s yew a dowg.” (Here’s you a dog.) And then she put a dog stamp on my envelope. I’m still grinning, hours later, just thinking about how cute that was.”

This began a series of blogs that always ended with a picture of some dog I would see on our trip, usually in a funny situation, but sometimes it was just a dog. Either way, it always had the caption, “Here’s you a dog.” Anyway, the phrase sort of grew and took on a life of its own and I realized I could apply it to just about anything, including my blog. So, here’s you a blog!

And here’s you a blog, about my blog, “Here’s You a Blog”.

Oh yeah, here’s you a dog.


11 responses to “Here’s you a blog???

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  2. Lisa: I sat next to you and your buddies at the John Stewart/Steven Colbert Stop the Insanity Rally in DC. I have had your business card on my desk ever since! I wanted to get some of the photo from you and never asked! Your books seem fasinating! Shape Shifters and Addressing the Goo: The Metaphysics of Weight Loss caught my eye! As an overweight Dietitian, I think I need to read!Be Careful what you Witch for sounds good too.
    Happy Holidays from the DC area. Write me back when you have time. Remember I told you at the Rally, I don’t have a personal computer–just the gov’t email at the FDA–my new job-now a year old!

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  6. This past weekend, in rural Arkansas, I heard a woman talk about the normally outdoor cat that was indoors to convalesce and became fond of the TV, “I’m going to have to put you a TV outside,” she remarked to the cat, and I thought of your blog.

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